Web Finds – April 10, 2023

Welcome to Web Finds, where I curate a collection of the most interesting and useful web links that I've come across.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of news today! From finding beauty in the mundane with Carl Barenbrug's unique perspective on to-do lists, to Jeremy Renner's shocking revelation about a snow plow accident that left him with some serious injuries. We also dive into the controversial world of web fingerprinting and why some experts believe it should be illegal, as well as the broad implications of the TikTok ban bill that could affect almost any tech product. Plus, we explore why media outlets just can't quit Twitter, the exciting news about cancer and heart disease vaccines expected to be available by the end of the decade, and the not-so-rosy outlook for Apple's Mac shipments, which have fallen more than 40%. And if you thought the winter floods in California were bad, just wait until you hear what's coming next.

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