Web Finds – April 6, 2023

Welcome to Web Finds, where I curate a collection of the most interesting and useful web links that I've come across.

In the world of technology, there's always something happening, and today is no exception. Commander 2023 is releasing new wallpaper and t-shirts for all the basic Apple guys out there, while Andy Bell admits that Mastodon is giving him the ick. Meanwhile, Jeff Perry takes us on his journey with publishing platforms, and a new hack is discovered: stop paying for subscriptions in the app and use a browser instead. Apple reminds users not to hang up on operators during accidental crash detection calls, and unfortunately, the latest iPadOS and macOS updates break Universal Control and Handoff for many users. On the personal front, AppleInsider reports that one in three moms track their partner's every move with Apple tech – yikes!

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