Why I abandoned Drafts and returned to text files for managing my information repository

In a recent blog post, I discussed my decision to switch back to Drafts as my primary information repository. While this move has proven beneficial, there was one lingering concern: the potential for data loss due to database corruption or iCloud taking a shit. To address this concern, I adopted the practice of saving all information in both Drafts and text files. However, maintaining synchronization between the database and files has become a constant challenge.

After careful consideration, I concluded that storing information in both Drafts and text files was an unnecessary redundancy. Since I am unwilling to abandon text files, I decided to eliminate Drafts as an information repository and rely solely on text files for data storage.

To implement this change, I have consolidated all my text files within the iA Writer library. Drafts now serves as a temporary workspace for short-term notes and text capture, with permanent information residing in text files accessible from any text editor. Additionally, I have integrated HoudahSpot search to facilitate efficient information retrieval.

I am confident that this simplified system will serve my information management needs.

Published first to ldstephens.net – December 4, 2023

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