Why I chose NetNewsWire over Reeder for RSS

As you know I'm a fan of RSS feeds as a way to keep up with the latest news and updates from my favorite blogs. I used to subscribe to Feedbin, a RSS service that syncs across devices and integrates with popular apps like Reeder and NetNewsWire. However, I decided to cancel my Feedbin subscription, which cost me $50 per year, and switch to iCloud sync instead.

iCloud sync is a free feature that allows you to sync your RSS feeds across your Apple devices using your iCloud account. Both Reeder and NetNewsWire, two of the most popular RSS apps for iOS and macOS, support iCloud sync. However, not all sync services are created equal, and I found out that iCloud sync works much better with NetNewsWire than with Reeder.

Reeder is my preferred RSS app in terms of design, features, and customization. However, its iCloud sync is very slow and unreliable. Sometimes it takes several minutes for new articles to appear, and sometimes they don't show up at all. This makes for a really frustrating RSS reading experience.

NetNewsWire, on the other hand, has a very fast and reliable iCloud sync. New articles show up almost instantly. NetNewsWire may not have as many features as Reeder, but it does the basics well. It has a clean and simple interface, a dark mode, a built-in browser, and support for keyboard shortcuts and gestures.

So, after trying both apps with iCloud sync, I settled on NetNewsWire as my RSS reader of choice. It may not be my favorite app in terms of aesthetics or functionality, but it delivers on the most important aspect of RSS: sync. And for that, I'm willing to compromise on other things.

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