Wordpress.com introduces the 100-Year plan at $38,000

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic “The 100-Year Plan isn’t just about today. It’s an investment in tomorrow. Whether you’re cementing your own digital legacy or gifting 100 years of a trusted platform to a loved one, this plan is a testament to the future’s boundless potential. The cost is $38,000”.

I have two questions. The first is, why would Wordpress.com do this? Is it a PR stunt or an urgent need for cash or something else?

Second, why would anyone be willing to pay for a domain and hosting for 100 years in advance? Hell, who even knows if there will be an internet in 30 years let alone 100 years? Who knows if Wordpress.com will last for 100 years? Companies change, go bankrupt, get greedy, etc. There are too many uncertainties to even entertain the idea of this being a serious offer that one should consider. And, after I'm dead I won't give a shit what happens to my digital legacy.

Published first to ldstephens.net – September 6, 2023

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