xSearch: A Safari extension for improved searching on iPhone and iPad

Every day, while using my iPad, I often stumble upon new apps that help me be more productive. Take, for example, my Mac setup – I've got Alfred triggers that speed up searches on certain websites. These websites usually have a predictable URL structure for search results, making automation pretty easy. With Alfred, you can set up the URL, add your search terms, and boom, you're searching away. You can kinda do something similar with Shortcuts on iOS and iPadOS, but it's not as smooth because it doesn't work directly from the address bar.

With xSearch, you can set up the same sort of thing inside the address bar. xSearch is an iOS and iPadOS Safari extension that allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple search engines with ease, and even search directly from Spotlight. This can make your browsing experience more efficient and.

Here are some of the features of xSearch:

xSearch is a paid app on the App Store, priced at only $1.99.

I hope this app boosts your iPhone and iPad productivity!

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