App-solutely indecisive

I find myself constantly switching between different apps, services, and devices, much like I'd change my underwear. Why can't I just settle on what works best for me and stop this endless cycle of app flip-flopping? What the fuck is up with me?

My problem is that I'm easily influenced by what other tech enthusiasts are using. If they're using app X, I feel like I should be using app X too. This tendency is particularly evident in the blogging world, where it's become a trend to publish blog posts listing the default apps used for various tasks.

Recently, I browsed through some of these blog posts, evaluating how many people were using Reeder versus NetNewWire and whether they were using Feedbin or iCloud for their backend. This sparked my interest because my Feedbin subscription is up for renewal in a few weeks, and I'm considering eliminating it.

Another area that piqued my curiosity was the notes and writing apps that others were using. I was particularly interested in how many people were using Drafts, an app I personally love for all my text-based needs. However, noticing that Drafts wasn't as popular as I'd expected made me question whether I should switch to Ulysses or iA Writer, which were mentioned more frequently.

I'm sure you get the gist of my problem. My goal is to finally settle on the apps that genuinely work for me and break free from this endless cycle of app flip-flopping. How about you?

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